Paul Brown

"Embrace the full measure of your life at any cost."


"A visionary is one who perceives outside and senses inside and trusting both."

"Between what I see and what I say
Between what I say and what I keep silent
Between what I keep silent and what I dream
Between what I dream and what I forget...Poetry"

Octavio Paz


Feel free to call Paul with any questions at 805.637.8756.


"Except for this point,
 this still point
There would be no dance
And there is only the dance"

T.S. Elliot


 "A thinker collects and links up proofs
A mystic does just the opposite.
He lays his head on a person's chest
And sinks into the answer."
Jallal al-Din Rumi 


"Be still. Follow your inner wisdom.
In order to know your inner wisdom you have to be still."

Suzuki Roshi


"Pay attention to silence. What is happening when nothing is happening in a group?  That is the group field."


"Awakening occurs when the center of your regard (your interest, your attention, your obsession) shifts from you as an individual to what all beings share in common."

Joseph Campbell

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sponsored by the Milne Institute
taught by Paul Brown

Yelapa view   Classroom pavilion

This six day retreat with Paul will be held in the picturesque village of Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico, located just an hour boat ride south of Puerta Vallarta on the Pacific Ocean. This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn the art of Visionary Craniosacral Work and participate in a 32 hr. introductory C1 class. Paul will instruct up to fifteen techniques and provide a meditative class process that allows for a personal, deeper, connection to your individual still-point. Paul uses poetry and ritual as guides designed to cultivate your individual learning style allowing you to bring forth a stronger sense of intuition, perception, and clarity within communication between you and your client.

Secluded and serene, we will stay in this small fishing village of Yelapa’s Casa Isabel nestled on the hillside just south of town center offering comfort that harmonizes with its tropical surroundings. Infused with natural, lush beauty, it is a celebration of the senses where mind, body, and heart converge. Three complete and delicious meals will be served daily although if you decide you would like to explore the restaurants of Yelapa the cost of this particular meal will be taken off your total bill at Casa Isabel.

There will be ample time for the many optional activities this remote village has to offer (class will begin 9 am and end approx. 2 pm every day through the six days), such as hiking upriver to the La Cascadas waterfalls for swimming, birding with over 250 species to spot, Yoga classes, snorkeling, boating to one of the more remote villages, hang gliding over Yelapa, just spending alone time in the active and secluded quiet of the jungle, and many more options.

8 days, 7 nights, with meals for $720 (this includes dinner when you arrive the day before class begins and breakfast before you leave the day after class ends, and boat taxi to and from Yelapa) and $550 for 32 hr. C1 class. Students will be greeted at the dock in Puerta Vallarta and returned to the dock in Puerta Vallarta.

Please contact Paul Brown at 805-637-8756 or email for any further questions or registration. Paul will also help you find an affordable round-trip flight from the Los Angeles, California, airport to Puerta Vallarta.

Testimonies of those who
have taken past classes:

Paul Brown teaches widely including classes in Phoenix, Arizona; Santa Barbara, California; Atascadero, California; Seattle, Washington; Whitehorse, Canada and Yelapa, Mexico. Students have made the following comments:

"Thank you so much, Paul, for your gentle and compassionate approach to the facilitation of healing--I've learned so much." Michele Fowler

"Thank you so much for your presence, your amazing talent for opening the heart, and your compassion in teaching me this wonderful art." Monika Voyant

"You hold wonderful space and teach very effectively for that which is mystical about this work. Thank You." Charlotte House

"Thank you for having an honest, open, heart in your teaching abilities." Ted Johnson